Interview with Mr. Aldin Bilalovic


We were able to get a chance to interview Mr. Aldin Bilalovic. He is a director, with many other skills up his sleeves.

Producer-Graphic Designer-Director-Artist

He currently provides video needs for the surrounding Baton Rouge Area, however he is on the great path to winning incredible awards and capturing amazing shots.



Name: Aldin Bilalovic

Location: Baton Rouge, LA




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PhonaVision: Introduce yourself. What all do you do as a career and what services/products do you offer?

Aldin: My name is Aldin Bilalovic and I am a Digital Artist. I graduated from Full Sail University with a degree in Computer Animation. After graduation I dove in to the Video Game World where I was part of different Video Game titles such as “Guitar Hero Aerosmith” (PS2) “OurHouse” (Wii) BCFX Football (Xbox) and many others. While creating and being part of the artistic world, I also started learning Photography, Graphic Design and Video Productions. I realized more I learned about each field it gave me a better understanding how to approach a specific project and how I can make it unique and different, well as growing as an artist and as an individual.

As for right now, I am a multimedia freelance artist and businessman here at aiiBee.

I create

  • Video work
  • Graphics
  • Photography
  • 3D work for business and individuals all over.

I drive to be challenged and learn on a daily bases.

PhonaVision: Are you familiar with any directors that may have created a short film on their cellphones?


Aldin: I am not familiar with any personal directors I know that have created a short film or commercial with their cellphones, but however I have seen a lot of samples and demonstrations on the Internet and TV that I was truly amazed how you could use your creativity and create a visual motion picture with your cellphone.


PhonaVision: Where do you see mobile filming going in the future?

Aldin: I personally see mobile filming going far in the upcoming years to come.  We have cellphones being updated almost every 2-6 months with a better camera, better features, and apps. Consumers enjoy a product that can do it all, and cellphones are the tool that can provide such thing. There are products that you can purchase for your cellphones such as better lenses, microphones, gear and many other things that will and can improve your creativity. It’s all about time till people think of better ways to improve this media. I personally predict that people always want more and better products and the future of cellphones will have GoPro capabilities such as 4K resolutions and add on memory up to 2 terabytes or more.


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