Become a Director

This is your chance to become the director you always wanted to be or maybe never thought about until now!!!

Well NOW is the time to get involved and hop on board. PhonaVision is more than using your cellphone to create movies, it is a platform into film-making.


Now we watch movies, short clips, and commercials all the time, however have you ever thought about actually creating original content. I know it can be very intimidating to think about lighting and perfect picture quality, but play around with every feature on your cellphone.

Don’t be scarred, your first videos won’t be perfect! Just write down on paper what are your ideas are and go film it!!!

If you are really pumped up, get yourself a Mobile Tripod to help with stabilize things!!!

This is an example of a good Mobile Tripod:

PhoneTripod $29.95

Use this Griptight accessory with your Android or iPhone.

OR  To Really Step it Up

PHone Mic Yeah, that’s right! It’s an attachable microphone!


 The point is, start using what you can to create amazing work!!!


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