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Phonavision is a site that fosters creativity. We love movies and tv shows, but never attempted to create one. Let’s change that!!! Also, the worries of getting your claim to fame is over, we will push to make sure your hard work is shown.

Featured Video

Hi there! We at Phonavision want to give you a chance to use your cellphone to create great art. We realize that we have not paid serious attention to our cellular devices in this regard. Its so much to look forward to. In fact, we are pretty sure that a Full Featured can be created by users like you reading this. Let’s push for the greatest productions ever!

How to Submit

To get the ball rolling with this site. We need you all to start working on creating video content on your cellphone that’s some form of art to you. We encourage you to use filters, effects, mobile apps, whatever, go Crazy!!!!

Now How to Get Your Videos on this Site:

  • Simply upload it to YouTube, and begin your title with “PhonaVision: YourVideoTitle_(if any) event title”
  • Make sure your video follows a plot or story line
  • Email me at with your link to the Youtube video with your name, location, message about video, and contact info/social media info(Location, Message and Contact Info are optional)

Follow me on Twitter: @PhonaVision

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