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What all do you do as a career and what services/products do you offer ?

I’m a 3D generalist, VFX compositor and independent Film maker. is my place that overall 6 people working for it with me. We are mainly providing 3D Animations, Motion Graphics and Visual effects for TV commercials, films and documentaries.

What made you create a short film on your cellphone ?

Well well. Most of the time people use or buy higher end smartphones to show them off or just for checking emails, text messaging, or simple works. But if you are buying a high end smartphone to do only those things, I think it’s totally useless to have an expensive or higher end smartphone.

But we have to think, why those high end smartphones are not cheap and actually what they actually can do with their hardware performance and what their mechanism capable to do.

His MOVIE that was created with an iPhone!

Besides their hardware specs, then we can find the biggest competition over the smartphone manufacturers are their Camera. So because of that reason every manufacturer is dying to introduce camera system with cleaner image and more features on their mobile phone cameras. Actually that impressed me to start filming through my smartphone camera and check what are the possibilities on it. Hopefully, now there are few manufacturers in the battle with introducing 4K or UHD recording capabilities and higher frame-rates filming like 120fps on their mobile smartphones.

Where do you see mobile filming going in the future ?

Mobile film making is the future. There is no argument. Because everyone are using smartphones nowadays. They can grab their smartphone out and hit record button to film. Thats it. Then Everyone can make their own film. And can capture DSLR quality photos from that small piece of mechanism. These days Everyone is working with tight schedules and works. Buying a high end video camera or expensive DSLR is not possible to everyone. But the smartphone is. Because you don’t have to worry about high end camera gears, their insurance, lenses, carrying bags, more equipment to carry. You only have to take a look at your small piece of gear (smartphone) with you. Thats all. It can do most of the thing that cant do with that big camera gears. Think like this.

If you have a professional full HD camera or HDDSLR, you cannot grab it out and shoot every time in some places. Because then people seeing you as a professional cameraman or you are related to media and you came to report something or blah blah blah. Then sometimes the security guys doesn’t allow you to use those bigger show off cameras. But if you have a smartphone with all the features, you can join the audience and you can fulfill your requirement easily. No one thinks you are a film maker. They thinks always you r a normal person who are using a bladdy mobile phone.  Thats the future.

If you want, you can attach your favorite DSLR or any mobile platform lenses to your mobile phone camera with an external adapter or casing.


What advice would you give to young filmmakers that are beginning ?

As I told you in above post, Take your ideas to the next level every time. I’m talking about mobile phone film making its way in this post. So Grab your camera gear and take a shoot. Do not worry about you don’t have expensive camera gears and equipment that other people have. Because, don’t forget  most of the high end video cameras doesn’t offer 4k video or camera features that your mobile phone offers. Be happy. Nowadays  Your smartphone camera system offers most of the everything you need. Sometimes you can do something for broadcast level.

Grab a decent smartphone with decent camera and better hardware, Do more experiments. Experiments make your confidence to next level.

What will make professional film makers dabble into mobile film making ? Why won’t some of them try ?

Yes, professional filmmakers need to be run with the trends. Technology changes everything in these days. we have to run along it. when film making we are mostly considering not only the quality of the output. we need to check recording bit rates, color profiles, logs . . etc. When you recording with mobile, you have to limit your recording footage’s bit-rates. because of the internal smaller capacity. we cannot shoot 100GB of RAW footage from a mobile phone, then you need to manage your production as suitable for your mobile phone camera gear. in Filmic pro app on iPhone give clean 50 Mbit/s Full HD footage looks really nice and reasonable for color grading in most of the occasions. we can compare that footage with Sony FS700 without any noticeable difference. Thats the thing the professional filmmakers need to realize.

Most of the time professionally allocated filmmakers (specially in general Television media DPs) they don’t have time to check what is new technology and trends. because they are working tight schedules and no any time to update with world. thats why they will not look in to mobile film making industry. its sad to say and but nothing to do with their life styles. :)

Do you believe using less can create more in terms of film making ?

It depends on your assignment. if client needs the quality output, he doesn’t care from what camera you recording or what editing system you are using, he only needs the quality output. in those cases you need to take a look at your gears, you can use less gear to shoot awesome videos, and you can use highest end cameras to make your production worse.Because of that reason , you r the final person who needs to think about possibilities of your camera gear. its not about Canon C500 or its  mobile phone camera. The look and feel of the production is the final that client needs.

Best Example is this -
Behind the scenes here -

But some clients need high end production cameras and gears to make their production successful and show off. in that case, you have to grab your wallet out.



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